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360° shape facilitates better airflow throughout the cultivation area

“Using technology to automate and eliminate growing functions allows the cultivation teams to truly focus on plant care, analysis, and building their business,” says Doug Fyvolent, Managing Partner at Hyperponic.

Hyperponic offers vertical aeroponic systems to grow a variety of crops, although the company is currently focusing on the cannabis and hemp industry. Hyperponic has been awarded four US patents and has also filed in other countries.

As Doug explains, Hyperponic’s proprietary technology focuses on cultivation consistency and product standardization, operational efficiency through automation, real-time monitoring and remote management, sustainability through circularity, and redundancy to mitigate single points of failure.

“In the cannabis industry, the current production can vary up to 20% between batches. To be a pharmaceutical production, you must be under 5%, and I am happy to say that our first tests show that we have the ability to make that a reality,” says Doug.

Efficiency and ease of use
Hyperponic’s proprietary cultivation technology is called the CropTower™ system and consists of twenty 10’ CropTowers which can hold 2,040 plants, are surrounded by high-efficiency LED lighting provided by Violet Gro and nourished aeroponically. The CropTower™ system is managed by the Cultivation Command Center, an intelligent platform built with custom software and modular hardware.

The platform allows the grower to dynamically and remotely control lighting, nutrient dosing and delivery, water quality, and environmental parameters. The Cultivation Command Center also incorporates aspects of automated operation, business intelligence, data analysis, and compliance, according to the company website.

The design of the CropTower allows for high space use efficiency without the need for ladders or heavy equipment to access the higher planting sites. Not only can the growers visually assess the entire crop from ground level simply by walking around, but the 360° shape of the system facilitates airflow throughout the cultivation area.

From pharmaceutical to nutritional crops
And while the CropTower system is currently being marketed predominantly for hemp and cannabis production, Doug explains that it can easily to used to grow food crops.

“Our goal is to install our system around the world and provide a truly FDA-approved, full-spectrum product to help people meet their medical needs. We also hope to install these towers to feed the undernourished population and start a school training program to teach kids how technology can feed the world,” says Doug.

For more information:
Doug Fyvolent, Managing Partner
[email protected]