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MCOA completed acquisition of VBF Brands

"Clones are grown in an expedient manner and sold for use to other cannabis growers"

Marijuana Company of America has completed the acquisition of VBF Brands. VBF is a fully licensed cultivator and distributor based in Salinas, California, and was previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunset Island Group. 

Jesus Quintero, CEO of Marijuana Company of America stated, "The acquisition of VBF Brands, Inc. encapsulates MCOA's strategy to expand our business by organic growth and acquisitions of synergistic and often undercapitalized distressed assets existing today in the cannabis industry."

VBF brands has been a cultivator and distributor in the Salinas, California for the past two years and utilizes its own growing systems to produce desirable cannabis clones that are proprietary certified clean and designed to assist growers by reducing uncertainty and enhancing the likelihood of a successful cultivation harvest. Cannabis clones carry the exact same genetic potential as their mother plant and have similar cannabinoid and terpene profiles when grown properly. When clones are selected from healthy, high-quality mother plants, they also inherit their vigor, and natural resistance to mold, mildew, and pests.

Quintero added, "We are especially intrigued with this acquisition because of VBF's reputation for clones and its use of its growing space. The company employs a multi-tiered vertical growing system, thereby maximizing the square footage of its Salinas, California facility. Few growers offer the efficiency of VBF Brands, Inc., which provides greater efficiency and sustainable cultivation techniques to provide growers with access to locally grown, high-quality clones to grow cannabis flower. Clones are cultivated and sold for use to other cannabis flower growers that now don't have to wait six months to cultivate and sell."

VBF focuses on the nursery aspect of the cannabis sector, which will help the company yield revenue faster as the clones only take a few weeks to develop and are often presold to customers in large quantities. The California market is experiencing a significant decline in the sale of mature cannabis flower, but an increase in demand and prices for quality clones. 

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