Culta has announced a successful Croptober harvest. Each year, Croptober marks the time of the year when sun-grown cannabis is ready for harvest and new strains are introduced to the market.

"As one of the largest outdoor cultivators east of the Mississippi, Croptober is one of the most important times of the year," said Mackie Barch, co-founder and chief cannabis officer at Culta. "We harvested roughly 3,000 lbs of outdoor cannabis flower during this year's Croptober harvest, in addition to cultivating 20 new strains, all of which will ultimately serve the needs of our medical patients."

October 2021 also marked another important milestone for Culta: their second annual Clean Green Certification. To date, Clean Green is the largest cannabis certification program in the country and provides patients with assurance about the quality and sustainability of their medication. Culta is the only certified cultivator in Maryland and one of the only outdoor Clean Green Certified organic cultivators on the East Coast.

"We're able to grow a high-quality flower with natural, sustainable, and organic inputs," said David Myrowitz, outdoor cultivation manager at Culta. "For me, the most exciting part is getting to share the Croptober experience with other growers who haven't experienced it before. I take a lot of joy in sharing that sense of accomplishment with every single person on the Culta cultivation team."

"Each year, we look forward to harvesting and this year is no different," said Mackie Barch. "We do it all for our patients, and hope that next year is even more successful than this year."

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