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Citadel Biocat:

On-site production of biostimulant

“Using Biocat OSAA ‘H’ (Horticulture) and ‘MORE’ (Cannabis), we’ve seen growers take plants heavily infected with fungal disease, re-energize them, and then put them back with healthy plants. Our product makes plants more disease-resistant, demonstrating increased size and yield when compared to the untreated plants,” says Henry Madders, Managing Director at Citadel Environmental Solutions.

For the horticultural and cannabis markets, Citadel Environmental Solutions has developed Biocat OSAA “H” & ‘MORE’, a unique biostimulant that enhances plant growth by stimulating root development, increasing secondary metabolite synthesis, and improving disease resistance. Also formulated with phage microorganisms, OSAA ‘H’ & ‘MORE’ have been proven to increase yields by over 20% in cannabis and tomato amongst a variety of other crops.

Citadel Environmental Solutions OSAA products also work as an organic cleaning solution for the horticultural and cannabis industries, among other agricultural subsectors. These solutions are classified as organic surface-active agents, or OSAA, and are composed of phage microorganisms. This completely eliminates the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, which is healthier for the plants and the operators.

“We’re seeing major yield increases without changing the nutrient levels, as well as extending the shelf life significantly of the products. Our stimulant creates healthier plants, and being fed through the irrigation system, it eliminates the need to flush the irrigation system,” says Henry.

Safe and affordable alternative to conventional methods
As Henry explains, "Biocat OSAA 'H' & 'MORE' differentiates itself from conventional cleaning products and biostimulants by its economic viability and product safety. Biocat OSAA ‘H’ & ‘MORE’ is a non-toxic product, making it safer to use than chemical pesticides and cleaners."

Citadel Environmental Solutions offers two delivery methods, namely the delivery of concentrated solutions for lower volume requirements or production on-site for larger volume requirements. For the latter, Biocat OSAA products are produced in custom-made catalyst production units (CPU) at the grower’s facility. The CPU requires roughly one m2 of floor space, a 230V power source, and potable water.

For more information:
Henry Madders, managing director
[email protected]   
Citadel Environmental Solutions