TSRgrow, a horticulture solutions company, has launched Grow Sessions, a podcast dedicated solely to cannabis cultivators, and was recently named one of the top 20 cannabis cultivation podcasts of 2021. “We’re excited to be helping cannabis growers by giving them an inside look into the cannabis cultivation industry. Grow Sessions has been well received and has valuable information in every episode. We’re happy it is getting the attention it deserves,” says the TSRgrow team.

“During each episode, we take an in-depth look into the industry from an insider’s perspective with special guest experts in the industry,” they continue. 

The podcast indeed touches upon the biggest challenges that large-scale cannabis growers face on a daily basis. For instance, in the episode 'Energy Demands of Cannabis Cultivation - How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint”, the host of Grow Sessions Tony Pavlakis and special guest Stephen Lafaille with Tecogen discuss cogeneration; considering the hot topic of the cannabis industry carbon footprint, it is critical to be informed on ways and methods to drive down the emissions of cultivation. In another episode titled 'Cultivation Design for Success', special guest Tenay Kham with Operation Grow explores the philosophies, methods, and SOPs unique to cannabis cultivation. In the latest episode, Jason Calderon, CEO of Bonsai Buds in Exeter, RI talks about “How Cannabis Cultivators Can Benefit from Energy Savings & Rebates,” and shares how cannabis growers can reap huge gains from utility companies by utilizing energy-efficient LED lighting in their facility.

“Grow Sessions is a space where commercial cultivators and horticulture enthusiasts can visit with industry experts as they share their wisdom, knowledge, and experience to help growers navigate through this new and ever-changing industry. Tune in with industry experts as we discuss subjects like lighting, pest management, nutrients, environmental management, facility design, common growing mistakes as well as many other subjects at the heart of cannabis cultivation,” they conclude.

You can subscribe to Grow Sessions on any of the popular podcast channels or by visiting: tsrgrow.com/grow-sessions-podcast-tsrgrow

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