Glow LifeTech has completed the buildout of its first production facility, located in Toronto, Canada, thus increasing their production capacity. In addition, they have begun commissioning its proprietary reactor, developed by its technology partner Swiss PharmaCan, which makes it the first time the technology production has been deployed outside of its native Switzerland location.  

"This production location will be the first production facility outside of Switzerland and for the first time enables the supply of our MyCell cannabis ingredients to the North American market," said Tom Glawdel, Chief Operating Officer of Glow LifeTech. 

"With the Processing Space and reactor operational, we will be able to produce a diverse portfolio of cannabis ingredients. The reactor is a critical component of our MyCell Technology, which transforms poorly absorbed cannabinoids into clear, water-compatible concentrates that have fast-acting onset, high-absorption, and precision dosing, using only naturally-derived ingredients," the Glow team shares.

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