Flora Growth is building an international pipeline for downstream cannabis products that begins with its cultivation facilities in Colombia and ends with commercial outlets in nations ranging across the Americas, to the European Union, and Australia. 

The company is preparing to commence the operation of its new onsite cannabis extraction facility in mid-November, located on-site at the company’s 100-hectare (247 acres) Cosechemos cultivation base in central Colombia. Recent regulatory changes enacted by Colombia’s government have made it possible for companies such as Flora Growth to export dried cannabis flower and extracts used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and textiles markets without running afoul of the country’s drug interdiction efforts.  

"We are also working on the pre-audit process for gaining good manufacturing practice (“GMP”) status with the European Union for the Cosechemos facility’s products, and have partnered with Hoshi International Inc. to provide another pathway to Europe," the team of Flora Growth stated.  

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