The Mexican Supreme Court will convene on December 1st to deliberate and vote on a claim by Desart MX, SA de CV - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xebra - which would allow Xebra to import cannabis seeds into Mexico and cultivate and process cannabis, regardless of when, or whether, the country will legalize cannabis. Furthermore, it could also allow for the manufacturing and selling of CBD and CBG. Export activities could also be possible.

The upcoming hearing is the culmination of a three-year legal strategy, challenging the unconstitutionality of Mexican cannabis law.  The claim successfully navigated lower courts.

"We believe Mexico has the potential to be one of the largest near-term country cannabis consumer markets in the world upon legalization of cannabis. Mexico is also within the North American free trade zone (USMCA), giving it considerable cultivation and product manufacturing cost advantages over Canada and the United States," the Xebra team stated. "We are of the opinion that there is sufficient precedent with many agricultural crops and manufactured products, to suggest that there is a possibility that ultimately, the majority of North American industrial-scale cannabis production activity will occur in Mexico." 

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