Entourage Health has upgraded its cultivation platform to include a company-wide standardized system rooted in tissue culture propagation that is expected to drive commercial growth for premium products in 2022. 

“We officially implemented tissue culture propagation across our Strathroy facility to align with our Guelph craft production site and it is now at the heart of Entourage’s horticultural program - which we fully expect will result in a balanced, consistent canopy that produces higher potency, cannabinoid, and terpene-rich cultivars and products,” said Patrick Scanlon, Head of Cultivation, Entourage. “In our drive to produce the very best for our patients and consumers, we are nurturing and mentoring a cultivation team that together will elevate cannabis products and experiences in Canada. Our balanced approach is already seeing benefits with exciting new genetics for highly sought premium flower products coming in 2022 across all our commercial channels.”

In addition to the introduction of new “Plant Empowerment” practices and new genetics geared at optimal canopy management, the Company is also pleased to confirm it recently received certification as an Ontario Living Wage Employer.  

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