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Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH Group

“Growers can now have a better understanding of how their products affect patients”

“There is a massive data gap in the industry in terms of understanding how different strains affect efficacy,” explains Gregory Wagner, CEO at RYAH Group. The company focuses on data-based analytics in the global medical plant intake industry. “The data we capture through our devices is rare and complex, making it invaluable for everyone in the industry.” With new medical device certifications obtained on their smart inhaler, the company is anticipating to expand their service to other countries soon.

“Data increases understanding”
RYAH’s smart devices combine anonymous session data with lab test information and consumer feedback. “As a result, we now have highly personalized data, which can help governments make more informed regulatory decisions. This is important, as there is a massive data gap in the cannabis industry when it comes to understanding how different strains affect efficacy. The efficacy can change according to different aspects, the complexity of the plant, different molecule boiling points, and other factors. By providing consistent anonymous patient feedback, we are hoping that this will allow physicians and regulators to really unpack that data and enable them to make informed decisions around patient regimes. We like to think by using the RYAH ecosystem, users are participating in a live observational study by using our devices.”

What about growers?
Having this new data is also beneficial for the cannabis grower, says Wagner. “When growers are given access to this consumer data and feedback, they can have a more profound understanding of how their products affect patients. A grower might think that a certain strain is more effective, but it could turn out to be different once they’ve reviewed the data. Therefore, having this kind of hard actionable data can really go a long way to help the grower make more informed and strategic decisions.”

“Starting to get people’s attention”
According to Wagner, there has been a lot of interest in these data solutions. “All of the data is of course protected, as privacy is very important to ensure patient safety. We are also not just involved in the cannabis industry and are aware of the rise of nutraceuticals. For us, the devices are a means to an end to share data. So far, we have been getting a lot of inquiries, especially concerning research and studies for psychedelic mental health solutions. In addition, the fact that physicians can now have access to this data is starting to get attention.”

New certifications
Recently, one of their products received two important certifications. “Our Smart Inhaler is now a medical device under ISO 13485:2016/MDSAP and EN ISO 13485:2016 standards, making it potentially the only plant-based medical inhaler with both hardware and accompanying software certified as a medical device. This will give physicians much more comfort in prescribing our products, knowing the rigorous procedures we had to go through. These certifications also allow us to hopefully expand into different markets, such as Canada, Australia, and Europe.”

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