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“Climate data is integral for all growing facilities”

Case study to get more cannabis growers to measure their air and soil

“We decided to do a case study with Jersey Hemp, a British Government licensed CBD hemp grower in the UK, who is using our products to measure their growing environment. The objective is to use their results and show other growers the benefit of tracking air and soil activity data,” says Jon I., co-founder of ibebot. The startup company was founded in 2016 out of the founders’ interest in climate and what it does in terms of growing plants. Now, their AirComfort and SoilQuality sensors provide growers with essential data concerning their growing climate. “It's important for growers to know what the climate is like, in order to optimize the growing conditions.”

The SoilQuality

ibebot and Jersey Hemp case study
ibebot recently started a case study with a licensed hemp grower in the UK: Jersey Hemp, the first British grown and harvested CBD brand. It all started when ibebot noticed the new company popping up in their orders with the word ‘hemp’ in its title, which immediately intrigued them. “I decided to reach out to understand more about their business case, use of products and to demonstrate the ibebot ecosystem and explore potential opportunities or collaboration.”

Ben Parkes, Head Grower at Jersey Hemp, explains that they recently started using the AirComfort system at the recommendation of their colleague. “A colleague of ours was helping us develop a small propagation room which is a replication of what will be our new, larger propagation facility. He had used the sensors before and recommended it to us as a way to replicate the parameters we want to achieve in our new facility. We then decided to also get them for our polytunnels and greenhouses since we don’t have any electricity there, which makes this system a great fit for us. For the first time, we can very easily monitor our parameters there which has been very helpful for us. For example, we can now see which of our greenhouses is the warmest, the temperature of which can be quite different depending on whether you are measuring on the East or West of our site. We are currently preparing for the next season, but the data will be helpful for us when it is time to grow again.”

The two companies are currently discussing how exactly the case study will take shape and how many sensors they will be using, for example. “So far, we have only been using the AirComfort, but we are excited to hopefully take our measurements to the next level and start using the SoilQuality and Hub as well.” And ibebot is looking forward to the opportunity to share the results with other growers. “It really is a mutually beneficial arrangement for the both of us. They want to have a better insight concerning their growing environment, and we want to share the results with other cannabis growers. By presenting what our products can do, we hope to convince new customers that you don’t need to purchase $10,000 worth of equipment to get proper results,” Jon of ibebot says.

How does it work?
ibebot offers an ecosystem of products for growers which measure their environment all day, every day. First off, their hygrometer, AirComfort measures temperature and humidity. “This is important as it can predict whether you should have any concerns about mold forming, imbalances in climate from lights failing, ruptures in your closed growing facility, plus more.”

The SoilQuality measures nutrient EC and soil moisture. “Combined with AirComfort, we’re providing integral data sets for growers at an unbeatable cost.” The ibebot Hub, communicates with AirComfort and SoilQuality taking their readings online, at all times. “A major benefit is that it is accessible remotely from your App, desktop or tablet – anywhere,” and there’s more, explains Jon. “Its simple programmable timer or daily scheduler gives growers a programmable On / Off mains plug connected to either lights, pumps or fans. Growers can trigger the plug away from the grow or set up a daily or repeating scheduled timer.” 

There’s also Dashboard+, a cloud accessible platform featuring, AirComfort & SoilQuality’s data, VPD, Mold & Dew Point, Grow Room Mapping, excel export and ibebot Hub’s scheduling options. Click here to see more videos. 


80% of ibebot customers are cannabis growers and the remainder are a mix of vertical farmers and home growers. “Our customers range from small residential users to large commercial spaces, who are all incredibly interested in how climate is performing. More knowledge allows them to optimize their growing environment and in cases save money or spot climate imbalances before they appear.”

Concerning temperature and humidity, traditional hydrometers collect one reading a day, whereas AirComfort can collect a range from every 5 to 40 minutes – hourly.

“Climates need to be monitored so growers can replicate tropical climates where their plants originate from and thrive. Knowing in advance whether mold could start or become a concern is extremely beneficial, so diseases and crop failure can be prevented. ibebot provides a minimum of 24 readings per day with products that are simple to set up, with award winning designs and way under the cost of our competitors,” says Jon.

Are you interested in working with ibebot or receiving samples? ibebot is searching for new distributors and customers in The Netherlands, as well as the rest of Europe. Feel free to get in contact with Jon to learn more.

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Instagram: @ibebot_hk 

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