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Protecting cultivators from fines and penalties

US: Cannabis packaging that prevents net weight loss

“While people’s intentions might be there, it can be difficult to get them to invest in the right packaging solution. However, a recent analysis proved that an investment in our high-quality nitrogen-infused cans for cannabis ultimately turned out to be less expensive over time,” says Thom Brodeur, CEO of N2 Packaging. The company has produced cannabis packaging for nine years, with their patented solution increasing flowers’ shelf life. “Our commitment since the beginning of N2 has been to develop products that comply with the regulations and are as sustainable as possible.” Brodeur explains the most important aspects of cannabis packaging, and how the right containers can benefit the grower as well as the consumer.

Thom Brodeur

Eliminating the enemies of freshness
Brodeur explains that the company recognized an opportunity very early in the onset of the cannabis industry. “We realized that using nitrogen-infused packaging would help cannabis producers with a number of aspects. It helps to eliminate the enemies of the freshness of the product: light and oxygen. Moreover, it hermetically seals the cannabis, preserving the moisture of the product itself, while removing any ambient moisture. This reduces the risk of microbial or bacterial growth.”

For cannabis companies, these are also important facets in their packaging consideration. “Product freshness and preservation are always going to be at the top of the list of importance.” But that is not all. “Especially for medical cannabis, senior accessibility is significant for our customers, as dexterity maladies increase with age. At the same time, child safety is a baseline requirement from industry regulators. Moreover, we have noticed an increasing demand for more sustainable solutions amongst cannabis consumers. Sustainability is the centerpiece of our company’s ethos, and 100% of our product raw materials are either recycled, reclaimed or recyclable. In addition, we have moved the majority of our manufacturing from China to North America. This not only significantly reduces our carbon footprint, but also ensures that we can guarantee a domestic supply. Something that over the past two years has become even more critical to our North American cannabis customers.”

Preventing net weight loss
According to Brodeur, there is currently a lot of inconsistency in cannabis packaging, because each state can make its own regulations. “There is an opportunity for true standardization, which is important. No matter where you buy from, you should be able to expect high quality and a consistent experience. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case. But we are beginning to see movement toward standardization. Many cannabis industry and packaging trade associations are focusing on the importance of child safety and preventing product degradation. Moreover, some states are implementing a policy against net weight loss. In some states, the grower can get fined if the product doesn’t maintain the weight, as this is unfair for the consumer paying the price for more product.”

N2 Packaging recently had an analysis done to measure the effects of all the beneficial aspects of their packaging. “The analysis factored in the savings from the elimination of the net weight loss, layered in the value of shelf-life extension and product preservation, and no more need to package overages to make up for the lost product. Looking at our packaging on a per unit basis, it came down to a near $0 total investment. It turns out that, over time, using N2’s 2Can with nitrogen inside cannabis packaging is actually less expensive than opting for cheaper, lower quality, commodity packaging.”

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