As one of the state’s newest industries, you might expect that cannabis businesses and the regulators surrounding them are bound to hit a rough patch or two as things roll out. More than one hundred retailers have now opened shops statewide, and meanwhile, the state’s regulating body is still navigating the relatively new state law.

With that in mind, KRQE News 13 sought to find out if anyone complained about the industry. And if they are, what is it that they’re complaining about? A recent public records request sheds light on some of those complaints, some of which are directed at cannabis businesses, not regulators.

As the state’s sole issuer of cannabis business licenses and the key regulatory body for the industry, the Cannabis Control Division (CCD) has been at the center of many cannabis discussions. And despite some criticism by would-be cannabis retailers about the licensing process, the division has apparently only received a handful of official complaints over the last year.

The CCD was created in April 2021, with the legalization of adult-use cannabis in New Mexico. It was set up as a new branch within the state’s Regulation and Licensing Department, which oversees everything from alcohol sales to construction.

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