Cogent Bank has diversified its products and services lineup by launching four new teams focused on cannabis banking, blockchain-enabled companies, premium finance lending, and public finance. The full-service commercial bank considers its efforts to support these client-focused niches as an investment in the future of banking.

“Cogent Bank continues to expand our personalized services to meet the unique needs of each business,” said Brandon Box, Cogent’s Southwest Florida market president. “Growing into different, innovative, and diversified verticals allow our seasoned bankers to drive results for our clients.”

For instance, Cogent plans to work with the high-growth cannabis market to provide banking solutions to growers, manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, and other related industries and professionals. The company leaders’ years of experience, coupled with the board of directors and regulatory support, will provide the required knowledge to serve the unique challenges of cannabis-related businesses, Cogent reports.   

The bank also has a grasp of the risks, dynamics, fund flows, decentralized organizations, blockchain integration, protocol development, and evolving regulatory landscape behind blockchain-based payments that are crucial to client success in this vertical. 

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