On September 1, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission will allow interested Alabamians to download the forms to apply to be a licensed medical cannabis grower, transporter, processor, dispensary operator, or vertical integrator.

Alabama Today spoke with Antoine Mordican, who hopes to be one of the medical cannabis growers on Monday. “The commission published their fees on their website,” Mordican said. “The fee ($40,000 to be a grower/cultivator) is about what I expected.”

Cultivator licenses are $40,000 a year, integrator $50,000, processor $40,000, secure transporter $30,000, and state testing laboratory $30,000. The fee must be paid annually, and the number of licenses is strictly controlled by the state. A non-refundable application fee of $2,500 must also be paid to the Commission just for applying for a license.

Mordican, an engineer, said that his facility would be all indoors and use hydroponics. “We will use LED lighting throughout (to grow the plants), and there will be sensors in every room so that the plants get the water that they need.”

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