Dr. Oz again took aim at his U.S. Senate opponent over his support for cannabis legalization, but, after being pressed on his past comments on the issue, he conceded that, yes, he’s personally in favor of medical cannabis, saying that it’s a “safer solution” compared to certain prescription drugs like opioids.

Mehmet Oz, a former TV health personality, claimed during an interview with Fox News on Thursday that Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) wants to “legalize all drugs” and “doesn’t want to talk about” issues that he says are more important to Pennsylvanians.

The host pressed GOP candidate Oz on cannabis policy, asking for his reaction to the Democratic Senate nominee’s recent call for President Joe Biden to use executive authority to decriminalize cannabis ahead of his visit to Pittsburgh on Monday for a Labor Day parade, where Fetterman plans to speak with the president about cannabis reform.

Oz was also asked what he made of the newly announced initiative from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and Fetterman to expedite pardons for people with low-level cannabis convictions on their records through the month of September. “Listen, my issue is that he wants to legalize all drugs,” Oz said misleadingly. “He even supports heroin injection sites, and we have the largest open-air drug market in the country here in Philadelphia. It is destroying the city.” 

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