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Construction issues that arise in cannabis growth facilities

The growth of the cannabis industry has brought new market opportunities to many industries, including construction. As a result, construction companies have welcomed new clients such as business owners and investors who have enlisted them to build cannabis growth facilities.

But extra planning is necessary for the construction of a cannabis growth facility to ensure a high-quality building as well as to prevent any potential litigation issues exclusive to these structures.

High humidity, electrical installation
When constructing a cannabis growth facility, builders face many of the same potential litigation issues as other builders. This list includes breach of contract, construction quality, delays, non-payment, and personal injury.

However, with these types of buildings, construction companies must cope with additional challenges in building a structure that requires high humidity, an abundant amount of water, and proper electrical installation for grow lights.

Mold, environmental damage
Here are some potential litigation issues that may surface in the construction of a cannabis growth facility:

  • Mold and mildew: A proper climate control system is necessary to prevent mold and mildew issues from surfacing. Proper air balancing and dehumidification are essential.
  • Environmental damage: Concrete floors also are necessary for these facilities. However, if left untreated, they absorb liquids and environmental moisture. Grow room substances such as fertilizers and chemicals can leak through porous concrete and into the soil and groundwater, causing damage to the surrounding environment. The floors must be non-absorbent.
  • High humidity: A facility’s warm temperatures, high humidity, and constant plant watering may lead to the weakening of the building’s structural integrity.

This is new for most participants. Careful planning must go into the construction of cannabis-growing facilities. Floor plans, layouts, and installation of grow lights are among the things that a business owner and construction firms want to be done correctly to ensure a successful and safe growth facility.

Understand and address the challenges
Whether building a cannabis growth facility in a vacant industrial building or a newly constructed building, the challenges are similar. Construction firms must understand the additional issues they face when building a cannabis growth facility and properly address them.

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