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"Ensures reproducibility, standardization, and high-quality"

First Israeli shipment of a variety of medical cannabis seeds to Canada

BetterSeeds announced that the first-ever shipment of medical cannabis seeds from Israel arrived in Canada.

Around three months ago, Israel's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reported the first-ever export of hemp seeds destined for the USA, which were also seeds created by BetterSeeds. The current shipment is the first to leave Israel, containing a variety of medical cannabis seeds to be used for medicinal purposes in the Canadian market.

The exported seeds were developed by BetterSeeds and are the first fully stable and uniform cannabis hybrid seeds in the world. BetterSeeds uses CRISPR gene-editing technology to provide stable, consistent hybrid hemp seeds and standardized medical-grade cannabis enhanced with essential agronomic traits.

These seeds, which are currently being tested at the company's site in Montreal for their suitability to the Canadian market, will ensure the reproducibility, standardization, and high quality of raw material for the entire Medical Cannabis industry for the first time.

"The global cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace with many challenges, and growers are required to adjust their growing methods and strains in order to adapt to changing market demands and shrinking profit margins. With the help of such stable strains, BetterSeeds provides an answer to the weak points of the cannabis industry today, both in enabling standardization based on reproducible results from its stable genetics and also ability to enhance growing and processing efficiency, thus reducing costs." BetterSeeds is expected to expand its operations to additional markets in the coming months.

BetterSeeds CEO Ido Margalit 

Seed export was made possible following intensive activity by the Medical Cannabis Seed Forum, headed by BetterSeeds CEO Ido Margalit (within the Seeds Division of Israel's Chambers of Commerce), to amend the Israeli government decision 4490, to include the export abroad of cannabis seeds from Israel. The amendment opened up a significant economic channel for the Israeli seed industry, positioning Israel as a world leader in developments and innovation in the seed industry, as well as in the cannabis industry at large.

Ido Margalit, founder, and CEO of BetterSeeds: "The seeds that were sent to Canada are unique. We anticipate that they will revolutionize both the process of growing cannabis and the product standards in Canada, as our cannabis seeds are 100% stable and uniform. This export is a real achievement for us and was made possible after Betterseeds led the change in law in Israel to allow the export of cannabis seeds."

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