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Italy's Urbinati technologies exported to one hundred countries in the world

The latest innovations for aquaponics and vertical farming

Urbinati's technologies can be found in more than a hundred countries. This Italian company designs and manufactures modular systems for the automation of cultivation processes in growing companies "for sustainable and resilient horticulture."

"In recent years, we have also specialized in hydroponics and its variants, such as aquaponics and vertical farming, techniques that show surprising results in horticulture. A vertical farm can produce on 400 square meters the equivalent of 5 hectares of outdoor cultivation," said commercial director Davide Barotti.

Another important aspect that determines the success of vertical farming is that it has year-round yields of lush-looking vegetables that are also richer in mineral salts. It furthermore does not require synthetic plant protection products because it is not grown in the soil, which is often a reservoir of numerous diseases.

"Our portfolio includes technologies for automating sowing and transplanting because even in hydroponics/vertical farming, there is a need for nurseries that sow and transplant, and optimal hygiene must be taken into account."

In addition to higher product quality and yield maximization, hydroponics also adds the advantage of being able to break down both the seasonality of crops and the required amount of rest needed for soils to regenerate. In fact, for 12 months of the year, with the appropriate fertilization of the growing water and a hygro-thermally controlled environment, the hydroponic technique makes it possible to grow non-stop 365 days a year, even those varieties that are particularly delicate and challenging.

Urbinati provides solutions for the hydroponic and vertical farm sectors, including container dispensers, substrate fillers, peat plugs and floating culture trays, germination units for uniform seedling development and automatic transplanters for direct planting into PVC gutters or similar supports.

"We are implementing a remote preventive maintenance system. We have already sold our products in more than 100 countries, so remote service and maintenance are becoming more and more of a necessity. Last year Urbinati achieved excellent results in the United States, Northern Europe, and Southeast Asia," concluded the commercial director.

Given its focus on the international market, the company is part of Cermac, an Italian export association for manufacturers of horticultural equipment and technologies.

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