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Booth No.: 3750

LEDESTAR's new LEDs will appear at MjBizCon exhibition

The Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference and Cannabis Expo (MJBizCon) focuses on the future development trend of the cannabis market, attracting LED plant lighting businesses from all over the world to participate every year, such as Fluence and Gavitad. A variety of products, novel and unique plant lamps, and high-tech equipment demonstrations in the exhibition attracted the attention of the visitors. The organizer, " MjBizDaily," aims to build a complete cannabis business ecosystem. The topics at the conference will cover the globalization of cannabis, the regulatory environment, integration, and investment in all aspects of the value chain, so that participants can better understand the markets in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries.

In the context of the gradual legalization of marijuana and the increase in the amount of medical marijuana, LEDESTAR has also invested more efforts in the research of the cannabis spectrum, including the commonly used combination spectrum of 660nm red light in 3030 white light + 3535, and No. 27 as well as No. 1, the self-developed and designed full-scale spectrum ones. In the past two years, it has been recognized by many artificial lamp manufacturers. In order to cooperate with customers to create the uniqueness of their own products and improve their own product competitiveness, LEDESTAR has designed more than 2,000 sets of customized spectrums, greatly shortening the customer's new product development cycle.

Tony, the overseas sales director and co-founder of LEDESTAR, has participated in MjBizCon for four consecutive years. Speaking of MjBizCon, he said, "Every year there will be something new, where you can work with R&D, engineers from all over the world. Discussing cannabis lighting solutions and exchanging and sharing market knowledge with many business partners. For me, this is not only an exhibition but also a learning opportunity. Of course, you can also see some stars here, like Tyson and Snoop Dogg. It was so much fun."

Talking about MjBizCon in 2022, Tony said that this year's competition is more intense, and he can feel that everyone wants to rejuvenate this market. Of course, LEDESTAR is also ready to welcome everyone during this exhibition, "Our booth number is 3750, welcome everyone, and you can consult me with any questions about the led solution." Tony also said that there will be a "surprise" at the exhibition. A different 3535 series LED lamp bead will be displayed. It has a different appearance, lighting angle, and different specifications. Want to know more details? Please visit booth 3750 on Nov16th- Nov 18th.

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WhatsApp: +8613527991330 

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