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Three new best practices guides

Providing free efficiency resources for indoor and greenhouse farming operations

Resource Innovation Institute (RII) announced the availability of three horticulture best practices guides aiming to provide free resources on the topics of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility design and construction, lighting, and HVAC. 

Each guide has been developed with expertise and input from business leaders, growers, government policymakers, and members of academia to provide an objective, unbiased view of how to implement more efficient growing practices in CEA operations. The guides are available to download completely free of charge for anyone involved in a grow operation. 

"The pace of technological innovation, as well as our knowledge of what works best in Controlled Environment Agriculture, is constantly advancing," said Derek Smith, Executive Director of Resource Innovation Institute. "Including input from experts across the industry, these guides are intended to provide a wide variety of information and advice to support grow operators and their vendors in the design, construction, and operation of CEA operations."  

Available for free download immediately, the guides include:

- CEA Facility Design & Construction Best Practices Guide
Information on designing and building high-performance greenhouses and indoor farm cultivation facilities. Download the guide here

"Controlled environment agriculture operations are complex, multifaceted and often require different strategies and techniques depending on what is being grown and the ultimate objectives," said Travis Graham, International Account Manager of Schneider Electric. "Developing these environments requires specialized expertise, which is  why a guide like this can be so useful in understanding all factors to consider."

- CEA Lighting Best Practices Guide
Best practices on how to speak the language of lighting, as well as understanding crucial considerations when selecting LED lighting. Download the guide here.

"Lighting is one of the most critical decisions a grower will make when designing their facility," said Casey Rivero, cannabis solutions architect for Fluence. "Understanding how lighting will affect your financial performance is essential to evaluating lighting providers and ultimately collaborating with them to drive cultivation success. This guide gives growers powerful tools to make informed choices about their lighting strategies." 

- CEA HVAC Best Practices Guide
Understanding HVAC equipment and how to stage systems efficiently and effectively. Download the guide here. 

"It should not be a surprise that HVAC requirements for CEA vary wildly depending on the desired outcome and the crop being cultivated," said Keith Coursin, President of Desert Aire Corp. "This best practices guide should be a 'must have' for anyone developing a CEA operation and wish to have the highest energy efficiency results."

The guides are backed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and were developed under a grant from USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service that is designed to accelerate the dissemination of objective, data-driven information surrounding the implementation of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) projects. In support of the guides, RII will be hosting a series of webinars on each guide beginning in September, where attendees can hear from industry experts on each topic, as well as ask questions about the best practices presented in the guides. 

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