Southern Sky Brands announced that Belushi's Farm genetics will be available to patients throughout Mississippi. Cultivation has commenced, and products will be on store shelves in Spring 2023.

Steve Merritt, Chief Operating Officer of Southern Sky Brands, believes Mississippi patients will value the partnership with Belushi's Farm. "Southern Sky Brands is excited to bring Belushi's Farm to Mississippi patients," notes Merritt. "After meeting with Jim, Danny, and their team, we kept saying, 'They are us!' When it came down to working a deal, we knew we'd be able to agree quickly – and we did."

"Southern Sky is a golden ray of hope. Their facility, cultivation, depth of research into the science, and passion for the healing plant aligns with the passion of Belushi's Farm," said Jim Belushi. "We want to provide every patient in Mississippi with a pathway to healing. We've searched from Amsterdam to Afghanistan to Columbia to Big Sur for our genetics — original landrace strains, the original medicine. We have passed on our tissue culture and seeds to Southern Sky so that they can help the medical patients in Mississippi. That is our Mission from God." (Blues Brothers 1980)

With the proprietary genetics, such as The Blues Brothers, developed in Oregon, Belushi's Farm is dedicated to the compassion and empathy of those struggling, including opiate addiction, veterans with PTSD, individuals battling cancer, anxiety, or pain, or children with seizures.

Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Southern Sky Brands, has stated, "Through the genetics of Belushi's Farm, Southern Sky Brands can provide our patients with the relief found in the plant." Merritt added, "With the partnership with Belushi's Farms, Southern Sky Brands continues to focus on a new dawn for healthcare."

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