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Innovative Solutions to showcase ProGuard tech at MjBizCon

"This active sanitization process works 24/7 to reduce mold and mildew pressure"

As wholesale prices fall and market competition increases, it is critical for growers to become even more efficient in their operations and utilize solutions that improve product quality and yield without increasing operating costs. One area that can be very costly to growers is mold and mildew outbreaks and failed microbial lab tests, which is why it is important to have a proactive IPM approach with a robust sanitization plan. That is why Innovative Solutions developed their ProGuard air and surface sanitation products for cannabis growers.

Proactive Solution
As companies continue to scale up their business and increase the size of their facilities and maximize growth capacity, they also increase the risk potential of mold and mildew contamination. ProGuard products were specifically designed for high-density and high-humidity cannabis environments. ProGuard combines two different technologies that work together to sanitize the rooms and actively destroy mold, mildew, and bacteria pathogens. Mike D'Ambra, founder of Innovative Solutions, explains, "ProGuard's patented Bi Polar Ionization (BPI) combines with a proprietary photocatalytic oxidation process, which converts humidity into an ionized hydro-peroxide vapor that gets distributed throughout the room to proactively destroy mold and mildew and create a clean growing environment. ProGuard technology works most effectively in high humidity environments, and as humidity levels increase, the photocatalytic technology is able to create a higher output of sanitization to fight off pathogens, making it ideal for commercial cannabis facilities."

Chasing pathogens
Mike says, "What makes the ProGuard technology so unique and effective is that it uses an 'Active' sanitization process that constantly sends the purifying molecules into the cultivation rooms, which then seeks and destroys mold and mildew spores throughout the entire room, killing pathogens right at the point of origin even on surfaces, which includes eliminating mold and mildew spores on the plants, benches, lights and in the air. This active sanitization process works 24/7 to reduce mold and mildew pressure and allows growers to produce cleaner flower and be able to pass their microbial lab tests. By proactively preventing contamination issues, it allows growers to significantly reduce labor costs associated with treating mold and mildew problems and helps increase product quality and profit yields".

Safe for people and plants
"Another important thing is ProGuard technology is completely safe for people and plants. We have numerous 3rd party field studies in large-scale cannabis facilities that show ProGuard technology has no negative impact on terpenes or product quality whatsoever. This is critical because some sanitization technologies and processes have been shown to have a negative impact on the terpenes or medicinal qualities of the product."

Cost-effective and easy scalability
As growers continue to scale up and increase the size of their facilities, the challenge of mold and mildew problems and the risk of product loss also increases. Therefore, their IPM needs to be scaled accordingly in order to keep the crop healthy and safe in any scenario. Mike adds, "The ProGuard units are small, lightweight, easy to install, use very little energy, and are plug and play, making them very easy to implement and scale to manage any size indoor and greenhouse facility. We have customers of all shapes and sizes around the world, with customers that have only one room to some facilities having several hundred thousand square feet and getting amazing results using ProGuard technology. Our customers love the fact that our products are a very cost-effective solution that can easily be implemented in any size environment and requires very low ongoing maintenance."

Innovative Solutions will participate in the upcoming MJBizCon in Las Vegas and showcasing their newest ProGuard products. You can visit the company at booth # 3333.

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