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Supporting small-scale California growers

StateHouse Holdings to offer products from sungrown craft cannabis growers

StateHouse Holdings announced that the sungrown craft cannabis brands, Swami Select and Sonoma Hills Farm, will be available beginning Nov. 10 and Nov. 21, respectively, at Harborside Oakland, Harborside San Jose and Urbn Leaf San Diego.

By its very nature, sungrown is the most natural method of cultivating cannabis, especially when paired with regenerative farming techniques. Prioritizing soil health and energy efficiency yields cannabis that is not only good for the environment but is also of the highest sustainable quality. With a focus on California – one of the few states in which outdoor grows are feasible – StateHouse is committed to supporting small-scale sungrown cannabis farmers. It believes offering sungrown products provides a platform for the Company's growth and success. 

"Sungrown is an integral part of California cannabis, so we are thrilled to support small-scale outdoor growers and bring California sungrown craft brands like Swami Select and Sonoma Hills Farm to Harborside and Urbn Leaf," said Ed Schmults, Chief Executive Officer of StateHouse. "As with wineries that have cultivated complex, full-body wines with notable varietals and stellar vintages, sungrown craft cannabis brands focus on rich flavors, terpene profiles and terroir. We celebrate the integrity and stewardship that craft outdoor cannabis growers stand for. With regenerative practices, organic farming principles and a passion for enduring strain diversity, craft growers like Swami Select and Sonoma Hills Farm uphold the standard for sustainably produced cannabis that offers enjoyable consumption experiences like no other."

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Angela Pih, StateHouse's Head of Marketing added, "Harborside and Urbn Leaf respect the commitment of regenerative craft growers; the quality of premium award-winning cannabis; and the experience that comes from consuming plants that have reached their full genetic potential because they have been grown in living soil and under full-spectrum sunlight. Like organic farming, regenerative farming is a healthier option for both the environment and consumers, so if you care enough about your health to buy organic in the grocery store, you should look at cannabis the same way. Not only is the overall flavor markedly better, but so are the plant's cannabinoid and terpene levels."

Swami Select cannabis is grown outdoors in living soil and full sunlight, using only regenerative and responsible methods. Swami Select has been certified for growing with pure organic methods by the Clean Green Certified program since 2011. Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM Pure), which recognizes cultivators who set the standard of regenerative sustainable farmers, has also certified Swami Select since 2017.

"The thing about growing outdoors, growing in the sun, is that it teaches you how to grow; your life is enriched just by having that live plant in your garden," said Swami Chaitanya, Founder of Swami Select. "At Ganja Ma Gardens, we employ proven techniques like hugelkultur and composting so our plants develop more florid terpene profiles; produce richer aromas and flavors, and attain stacked cannabinoid profiles for potent effects."

Sonoma Hills Farm is the first CCOF OCal-certified organic farm in the U.S. and is led by VP of Cultivation, Aaron Keefer, the former culinary gardener for the The French Laundry and Thomas Keller Group. Sonoma Hills Farm collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs and leading geneticists to cultivate the highest expression of sungrown cannabis, hemp and vegetables.

Mr. Keefer commented, "Our intention is to bridge cannabis with Sonoma's rich agricultural legacy by introducing craft cannabis to the farm-to-table lifestyle. We believe that the highest expression of cannabis comes from growing it directly in living soil, under the sun and moon, which allows each plant to reach its full genetic potential."

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