BelCosta Labs announced it is expanding its operations beyond California. BelCosta is combining businesses with independent testing labs US Cannalytics (USC) and Pinnacle CT Labs (PCT). USC currently services Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and PCT services Maryland. All laboratories will be rebranded and operate as BelCosta Labs.

The merger combines over ten years of cannabis-specific, analytical testing expertise from five different state markets to create a national laboratory group rooted in quality, transparency, and innovation. The new lab group is positioned to lead the evolution of the cannabis testing industry with best-in-class methodologies providing operators, patients, and consumers alike with detailed and accurate data to more effectively understand the cannabis experience.

"We are thrilled to be expanding our business out of state for the first time since starting BelCosta in 2017," said Myron Ronay, CEO of BelCosta Labs. "As one of the oldest testing labs in a mature market like California, we are eager to join forces with the U.S. Cannalytics team to provide cannabis producers across the country with high-quality testing services and insight."

Founded in 2018, USC and PCT are a multi-state group of independent testing laboratories servicing medical and recreational cannabis and hemp/CBD markets. They are one of the largest cannabis testing organizations on the East Coast, with over seventy-five years of combined management experience across medical, pharmaceutical, and other professional fields.

PCT is dedicated to ensuring a safe supply for medical cannabis patients in Maryland. PCT's scientific team includes professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in their respective fields.

"We are excited to join BelCosta Labs and to work collaboratively with a great team to advance the cannabis testing industry," said Karrissa Miller, Director of Client Services for USC and PCT. "USC and PCT pride ourselves on our highly skilled team's vast experience and knowledge; joining BelCosta enhances our ability to exceed minimum regulatory and quality requirements for our current and future customer base."

BelCosta Labs aims to use the latest analytic methods, customized technology, and its staff of nationally renowned experts to provide top-quality compliance testing services for the cannabis industry.

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