There are a lot of puzzle pieces that need to fit together for the medical cannabis industry to be fully up and running and most of those are now in place.

“We’re hearing that the testing facilities should be ready and operable come the middle of December,” noted Calhoun. “And so that means that hopefully, the Mississippi Department of Revenue will open the dispensary doors come the first of the year.”

Southern Sky Brands has harvested its first crop. And they’re already on to other crops that will be moved from the grow pods to the flower room in the facility next week. 

“We’re very medically oriented, we want to make sure that we are not introducing a whole bunch of products and not do any of them well,” said Steve Merritt, Southern Sky Brands Chief Operations Officer. “We’ll probably start out with four or five, we’ll probably just do the pre-rolls, we’ll have vape pens, we’ll do gummies and chocolate bars and a few basic things. And then the goal is to add one or two products every three to four months once we get those things perfected.”

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