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Ledestar releases new lamp beads: Angel series

Did you see Dada at MJBizCon?

If you attended the Marijuana Business Conference & EXPO (MJBizCon) held in Las Vegas recently, there is a good chance that you have seen Ledestar's cute cartoon mascot, Dada.

Ledestar staff welcome customers to the booth together with Dada

Dada is the owl-inspired mascot designed by Ledestar. The owl symbolizes the spirit of concentration, rigor, and wisdom. These spirits are suitable for and represent Ledestar's focus on innovation to create value and their continued commitment to research and develop in the field of efficient horticulture. Dada wears magic clothes and holds a magic wand, representing the company's research in the field of plant lighting like a magician. "We design and create rich LED options and fantastic LED planting schemes to increase production, save energy, and reduce costs, showcasing the powerful magic of LED products and solutions that take horticultural lighting to the next level. Therefore, Ledestar is praised by customers as 'the magician in the field of plant lighting,'" says Tony Chen of Ledestar.

A group photo of visitors and Dada 

"In the past few years, we have provided customers with thousands of plant lighting solutions. In this exhibition, we also showed the latest lamp bead solution, the Angel series."

"The Angel series is independently developed by us to touch upon the core pain points of growers, cost, performance, and efficiency. Based on the original 3535 lens, we have carried out an optical design on the lens so that the angle of light changes from 120° to 135°. This change allows photons to cover more plant areas, and photon distribution is more uniform, improving light utilization and planting efficiency. In addition, WPE can also be greater than 72% at a current of 700ma. However, due to the design of the optical lens, the PPE of the Angel series will be slightly lower than before, but the overall efficiency is still very impressive."

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