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CryoMass signs $10.2M multi-state license agreement

US (CO): "Up to now, there has not been a process that extracts directly from trichomes on a commercial scale"

CryoMass Technologies has signed a multi-state license agreement with California-based RedTape Core Partners following the market launch of the company's patented cryogenic Trichome Separation system.

On December 12th, 2022, CryoMass delivered the company's first Trichome Separation unit to RedTape's Coastal Refinement Solutions cannabis extraction and processing center in Monterrey, California, and continued intensive beta testing of its high-volume, continuous throughput biomass processing system. The results of this testing have demonstrated that the patented CryoMass process is truly revolutionary.

CryoMass patented solventless liquid nitrogen processing system enables processors to substantially reduce the number of steps in the pre- and post-extraction processes, which translates into important efficiencies and cost savings of up to 30-40%. The process results in an output of superior purity that captures practically all the active compounds present in the biomass at the time of harvest.

"Up to now, there has not been any viable process that have performed extraction directly from trichomes on a commercial scale because the technology to separate trichomes from biomass on a large scale simply did not exist. We are identifying post-processing methods of extraction from trichomes that have never been used or even been tested by the industry, that are much more efficient and less costly than existing extraction methods."

Teams at both RedTape and CryoMass have been busy focusing on identifying and testing the best post-processing procedures to get the separated trichomes to a final product more efficiently, and the results we are seeing are extremely encouraging.

Under the terms of a multi-state license agreement, RedTape agreed on the terms to license the patented process and deploy 12 Trichome Separation systems for a total upfront investment of US$10.2 million, payable in installments to CryoMass throughout 2023. CryoMass has agreed to deliver the units to RedTape according to a schedule that extends over 24 months. In addition to the installments, RedTape will pay CryoMass 50% of all net revenue generated by the units over the life of the agreement.

The license agreement grants RedTape the exclusive right, subject to agreed-upon distribution and licensing milestones, to distribute the Trichome Separation units and develop the hemp and cannabis processing and extraction markets with CryoMass in states where RedTape has extensive affiliate business operations and alliances. The five states covered by the agreement are California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

CryoMass Director and CEO Christian Noël stated, "Over the course of the past several months, we have taken important steps to improve the operational efficiency of our technology. Although the decision caused delays in our initially forecasted product release timeline, we are now confident our long-term manufacturing capabilities will prove to be resistant to supply chain delays and disruptions. This should translate into a more controllable production environment that's scalable to market demand."

Noël added, "RedTape was selected for their detailed understanding of the CryoMass process and their ability to convey their understanding to other processing facilities in their vast network of business alliances within these key states. RedTape's Monterrey-based team at Coastal Refinement Solutions possesses tremendous processing and extraction expertise that should prove to be extremely valuable for us both in terms of advancing and fine-tuning our technology and in rapidly expanding our US market licensing network. We are extremely optimistic about what lies ahead for us in 2023 and beyond. We are now ready."

RedTape Director and CEO Michael Tanzer stated, "This technology is a prime example of invaluable intellectual property developed within the cannabis industry that stands to substantially benefit other consumers and markets. CryoMass' process accomplishes an extremely difficult feat of separating a tiny fragile trichome from a fresh wet flower at scale. We are honored to work alongside CryoMass' sophisticated executive and engineering teams to help further advance this revolutionary process by making this technology available to farmers and processors throughout the United States. We couldn't be more excited about this partnership because when a group of this many good people come together, you know something great is about to happen!"

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