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“Our systems deliver low footprint, high-quality crops with minimal energy requirements”

“The current energy crisis with skyrocketing fuel prices is a wakeup call for action;  Horticulture greenhouses that start using NUF water-disinfection systems will get an immediate and significant reduction of electricity bills, in a range of 50 to 90% depending on previous technology that was used for water disinfection,” says Eytan Markovitz, General Manager at NUFiltration Ltd. 

The Israeli company supplies water-disinfection systems that are applicable for indoor and vertical farming, to any irrigated crop, and to all common growing media, including stone wool and aby tailor-made cocopeat mixture. The range of NUF water-disinfection systems models makes it applicable in any region of the world. “This year, we’ll add more efficient and low-resource harvested-rain disinfection units, plus Units for Na (sodium) reduction from irrigation drainage,” Eytan confirms. 

Eytan Markovitz and Mino Negrin with NUFiltration

Reducing footprint
As Eytan explains, modern greenhouses and indoor farms are asked by regulators and consumers to reduce their environmental footprint, while yielding quality crops requires using pathogen-free water for irrigation, which is a challenge. “NUF water-disinfection systems deliver both, with minimal energy requirements, and without adding any chemicals to the water.”

A NUF water disinfection system 

So what’s in it for growers?
Eytan continues, “I’d say that it has multiple benefits for growers, mainly because it’s a continuous water filtration and disinfection in a single pass that recovers 98% of the treated water, nutrients and micro-elements that are already in the irrigation water. This provides a stable EC and tremendous savings in water and fertilizers costs.”

Besides that, modular systems can be applied to any capacity, yet Eytan notes that larger units are more economical in the long term. To top it off, the system has almost zero energy requirements which is perfect for the current rising operational costs in farms these days. The machine can run on years of operation between membrane replacements. 

What about expenses?
Eytan explains that units are to be purchased for self and permanent operation, with an average ROI of less than one season. When being asked about prices this year, unfortunately, it cannot be disclosed that prices will stay stable, due to the war in Ukraine. 

“NUF systems are a rare combination of quality, coming from the world of medical equipment, but with unparalleled affordable cost in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX. NUF is the only technology that can assure absolute mechanical exclusion of pathogens more prominent than 30 nano-meters (0.03 microns) by using chemicals or changing the structure of the water content. For indoor farms, this is a blessing,” Eytan adds. 

For more information:
Eytan Markovitz, General Manager
NUFiltration Ltd.
13 Granit street
Caesarea 3088900, Israel
Tel.: +972 737 695 333
[email protected]