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Ozonation for greenhouse surface cleaning, available in early 2023

"Ozone is the perfect solution to clean and disinfect surfaces, as it kills all bacterial growth and pathogens on contact, leaving no chemical residue before reverting back to oxygen," says Martin Troughton, Vice President of Operations at Nebula Group. "Ozone is nature's natural cleaner," says Ian Morrell, Head of Sales at Climate Control Systems.

Among Nebula Group's family of companies is Climate Control Systems, a Leamington-based company that specializes in advanced greenhouse automation. The company's product line includes the Fertigation Manager (ppm-based fertilizer dosing & Irrigation control system), Climate Manager, and Ozone Pro. Now, Climate Control Systems is ready to introduce its newest ozone system, OzoneLite & Ozone Washdown.

Ozone Washdown is a unit allowing growers to harness the power of ozone for surface cleaning. The company has developed the unit for high-pressure cleaning but is currently evaluating the system's performance at low water pressure to reduce growers' need for high-pressure washers.

Chemical- and residue-free cleaning with ozone
As Martin explains, ozone is a powerful oxidizer that acts quickly to kill bacteria and viruses. Unlike other cleaning products with volatile components, the degradation of ozone into gaseous oxygen after application makes ozone a chemical-free and residual-free option in an environment previously reliant on chlorine, peroxide, and other active ingredients. In a case study examining the effects of ozone sprayed onto contaminated surfaces, ozone effectively killed 99.8% of the bacteria on stainless steel and plastic surfaces and 98.9% on concrete.

While gaseous ozone can be hazardous to human health, the molecule's infusion into the water through Nebula Group's patented nanobubble technology makes it safe and easy to use in the greenhouse. The OzoneLite boasts a high ozone penetration, with up to 4 ppm-mg/L, which is more than 1175 mV-ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, directly linked to microbe-killing potential).

"With Ozone, the result is a clean facility with no mold, bacteria, or pathogens hiding anywhere," says Martin. "It even kills the Rugose Virus, which is a constant threat to greenhouse operators."

Ozone Washdown is available now in time for the spring clean-out.

Nebula Group adds livestock automation to portfolio
In other news, Climate Control Systems' parent company Nebula Group recently purchased EnviroTech Ag. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company focuses on automation for animal agriculture and is opening up a 2nd location in Lethbridge, Alberta. The acquisition further solidifies Nebula Group's position in North America as a leader in food security innovations.

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