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Argentina presents knowledge platform for MMJ and industrial hemp

INTA, together with INTI, the organization Cannabis Medicinal Argentina (Cameda), and with the support of the National Technological Linkage Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, presented the Platform for Technological Surveillance and Strategic Intelligence of Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. The development is assisted by specialized software that allows access to information in a strategic way to promote the development of this high-potential sector.

During the presentation, Sandra Mayol -president of INTI- valued the joint work of different institutes and organizations, which demonstrates the importance of the development of medical cannabis and the hemp industry in Argentina. "Teamwork is key to success in this field," she assured, adding: "Advances in medical cannabis research transcend a glance, a speech, it is something that is here to stay."

The Platform for Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp will be formally included as a Node in the Network of the National Program for Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence (VINTEC) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation.

Martín Irurueta - National Assistant Director of Research and Development at INTA - highlighted the importance of inter-institutional work to strengthen the medical cannabis system and generate quality jobs. "The inter-institutional work will not only allow us to generate knowledge but also to generate capacities for all the institutions that are part of this work," he indicated, adding: "This allows us to synergize capacities, which will have an important social impact on the improved access to medical cannabis for those patients who need its use."

Cameda is a non-profit civil organization that works for access to safe and quality treatments based on scientific evidence. "This new platform integrates values ​​such as excellence, responsibility, respect, and professionalism," highlighted Ana María García Nicora -president of the Cameda organization- who added: "Our mission is to fight for access to safe, effective and quality that are the result of scientific evidence and rigorous research."

The platform is implemented by using the SoftVT or a similar tool provided by INTI. The platform is technically managed by INTI, and content management is carried out jointly by INTI-INTA and CAMEDA. Its networking dynamics is considered in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way. It is publicly accessible and free through the generation of portal users.

Users can enter the platform through the use of a Username and Password, which are managed by INTI: registrations, cancellations, subscriptions to newsletters, and attention to queries.

When entering the platform for the first time, each user must accept the Terms and Conditions of use of the platform and its contents. Once inside the platform, users can select the topic of interest and all the information it contains from a thematic tree. The registered user can choose to receive alerts.

The platform contains news on different types of information, for example scientific publications, legal aspects and regulations, technical standards, industry news, invention patents and/or other intellectual property rights, information products for selective dissemination (DSI) such as newsletters, circulars, technological alerts, etc.


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