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Distributor now offers NZ-grown cannabis flower to local patients

NZ: "This is a significant step towards beginning a local cannabis market"

Auckland-based NUBU, in partnership with Kalyx, has successfully verified the first New Zealand-grown dried cannabis flower with the Medicinal Cannabis Agency, allowing New Zealand patients legal access to locally grown products for the first time. 

Kalyx' Jesse O'Steen

With the strictest medicinal cannabis regulations and microbial limits for flower in the world - based on the European Pharmacopeia - the availability of locally-grown products is a leap forward for New Zealand's medicinal cannabis industry. "The timing is perfect, with the demand for cannabis flower steadily increasing, and prescriptions for medicinal cannabis expected to double to 120,000 in the next 12 months." 

Mark Dye, Co-Founder and CEO of NUBU, is ecstatic to offer locally-grown products after working tirelessly for three years with Kalyx to make it happen. "I couldn't be happier to celebrate this milestone. We have the most stringent regulations in the world for products deemed safe for inhalation, so bringing local flower to market is no small feat. More importantly, this wonderful news means access to more affordable and fresher products for patients." 

"Despite news of doom and gloom from some in the industry, we at NUBU and Kalyx show that with the right team, strong partners and unwavering commitment, it's possible to succeed within the existing regulations. We've proven it's achievable, and the local industry has a bright future ahead," he adds.

Jesse O'Steen, Co-Founder and CEO of Kalyx, brings decades of experience growing cannabis in California before moving to New Zealand in 2008. "Kalyx is excited and proud to reach this milestone with NUBU. The cannabis business is incredibly complex and challenging, so access to the market is a key component. We couldn't be happier to support local patients with homegrown products."

Pearl Schomburg, Group Leader of the Auckland Patient Advocacy, welcomes the news for the community. "This will inevitably increase the variety of local, high-quality cannabis cultivars to suit patients' symptoms and conditions better. It's a significant step towards beginning a local cannabis market. Bravo NUBU and Kalyx, and a massive thank you from all the patients."

Verifying the product cultivated by Kalyx is the start of good news for local patients wanting access to New Zealand-grown cannabis. "We are proud to announce more variety is on the way, as Bay of Plenty-based OGG Holdings Ltd has partnered with NUBU and will soon submit dried cannabis flower products for verification with the Medicinal Cannabis Agency," says Dye.  

"The future of New Zealand cannabis will be built on partnerships between local independent growers cultivating premium cannabis alongside partners like us at NUBU, leveraging our expertise to bring products to market. Kalyx and OGG are the best growers in New Zealand, with Kaylx being the first to export to Australia and OGG, the first to export to Europe. The team at NUBU can't wait to get more product options to market, both locally and internationally," Dye adds. 

Product available today:

KIKUYA - Peak (proprietary Kush hybrid variety) 
·         Total THC: 25.5 percent
·         Total CBD: ≤ 1 percent

Any Doctor in New Zealand can prescribe medicinal cannabis. Given the stringent verification process overseen by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency, they can confidently prescribe NUBU products. 

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