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Jesus Burrola, POSIBL:

US (CA): “Our goal is not to be the biggest cultivator, but to be the best empowerer of brands”

"The California cannabis market at the moment is extremely challenging. From a cultivator standpoint, we have adapted by having a clear focus on selling our flower in a packaged format and partnering with good brands to go to market," says Jesus Burrola, CEO of POSIBL. The company specializes in B2B cultivation, with the goal of growing the perfect flower ethically, sustainably, cost-effectively, and free of pesticides year-round. "We are currently powering some of the top brands in California. We understand nobody can do everything, and by focusing on our strength (cultivation), we can work with brands who are really focused on driving sell-through and getting placement on dispensary shelves. We are constantly looking for ways to continue to improve our yields and quality and applying the lessons that we take from each harvest into the next cycle."

Jesus Burrola. Photo credits for all photos: Ben Lalande

An advanced production
According to Jesus, POSIBL is cultivating the "cannabis farm of the future." The company is combining advanced technology with traditional agriculture. "We have automatic climate control based on influences to adjust to the strategy. There are supplemental LED lights with a dedicated spectrum for flowering or nursery, and we supply CO2 as a tool to promote growth. We also use a hydroponic automated irrigation system with custom feeding per strain. Every decision is data-driven when it comes to irrigation, LED lights, ventilation, and heating strategies. We also track plant physiology per strain based on conditions throughout the cycle."

"Pest and disease scouting is done through an app that provides real-time reaction to minimize impacts and assure optimal plant development to provide healthier growing flower," Jesus adds. "Also, having the ability to track real-time climate conditions inside the greenhouse through climate sensors that track temperature, humidity, and CO2, as well as being able to track outside conditions through a weather station that tracks light intensity, light accumulation, wind speed, temperature, and humidity, enables the greenhouse to adjust to meet climate targets. This assures less stress to the plant, which will, in turn, provide more quality flowers," he explains.

Standing out
Jesus notices that brands are looking for differentiated and interesting genetics. "The current market is very competitive, and strain selection is one of the main ways a brand can differentiate itself on the shelf. After all, there is only so much Gelato or Wedding Cake a dispensary is going to carry. Additionally, the market is currently very focused on high THC. While most brands understand there is more to cannabis than high THC, it's also very difficult to fight the market on this when it's one of the first objections they can get from a buyer."

Therefore, POSIBL is focused on curating a menu of exclusive or semi-exclusive strains. "We are working with our breeder partners to constantly refine and improve the offering. We understand we need to have not only a good mix of Indica/Sativa/Hybrid but also a good mix of terpene profiles, a mix of new and legacy strains, and something that can set the brands apart on the shelf. By partnering with some of the best breeders out there, we are able to ensure we consistently improve our offering," Jesus says.

The future
When it comes to the future, it is not POSIBL's goal to be the biggest cultivator. "Instead, we aim to be the best empowerer of brands in the state," Jesus says. "Some of our plans for 2023 and beyond are: to launch our new Type 6 license manufacturing space to expand SKUs we support to our partners, to welcome the integration of new brands into POSIBL, to expand both in-state and out-of-state for our in-house brand Humo, and our expansion of cultivation square footage."

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