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Cannabis automation company develops a total cleaning solution for processing equipment

Eteros Technologies USA launched a new brand, GMP Solutions, offering advanced cleaning products to cannabis harvesting and processing facilities.

Eteros Technologies is the holding company of Mobius and Triminator, providing cannabis processing equipment. Eteros' design and manufacturing capabilities, combined with their industry knowledge, paved a clear path for launching the GMP Solutions cleaning brand. GMP Solutions will provide a comprehensive line of cleaning products specifically designed for cannabis processing equipment, catering to small, large, and commercial-scale facilities that operate under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) workflows.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, maintaining strict compliance with industry regulations and quality standards is paramount. GMP Solutions delivers effective cleaning solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of cannabis processing equipment, particularly those interested in meeting the stringent requirements of GMP workflows. With the launch of GMP Solutions, Eteros Technologies aims to address this need by offering a specialized range of products that ensure optimal cleanliness, safety, and productivity.

GMP Solutions' product line features powerful and safe cleaning detergents and tools specifically formulated to handle resinous buildups synonymous with cannabis processing. For facilities operating under a GMP-certified workflow, all processes of manufacturing, product handling, packing, and cleaning must follow GMP guidelines and regulations. For GMP cleaning validation, any solvent, chemical, or detergent used must adhere to the requirements established for maintaining a GMP workflow.

With GMP-certified workflows in mind, Eteros delivers products designed to meet the cleaning validation protocols for those operating in GMP environments across various industries, including the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis and other plant-based products, as well as food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. GMP Solutions products are safe and easy to use, taking the complexity out of the cleaning process and making it easy to keep operations going while maintaining a GMP-compliant cleaning validation protocol.

GMP Solutions products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and food-safe. At the core of the lineup is Step 1 Cleaner, which is formulated with a buffering agent that allows it to act as gently as a pH-neutral solution and can be safely and effectively used on virtually all surfaces. The cleaning solution emulsifies, absorbs, and floats away greases, resins, organics, and oils. It penetrates dyes and gums, which are otherwise unaffected by caustics and dangerous solvents that are found in other cleaners. With no heavy fumes or odors, the cleaner is safe for manufacturing and processing facilities and completely rinses away from surfaces.

GMP Solutions products aid in the removal of residues, contaminants, and impurities, helping to promote a hygienic processing environment and maintaining the integrity of the final products. "GMP Solutions is an exciting addition to our portfolio of brands at Eteros Technologies," said Aaron McKellar, CEO of Eteros. "We understand the challenges faced by cannabis processing facilities in maintaining GMP-compliant operations while striving for efficiency and productivity. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and expertise, we have developed a comprehensive line of cleaning products that will streamline and optimize cleaning processes for our customers."

The launch of GMP Solutions represents Eteros Technologies' commitment to supporting the cannabis industry with solutions that enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and product quality. With decades of experience in manufacturing equipment tailored to cannabis processing needs, Eteros Technologies is uniquely positioned to develop cleaning products that address the specific challenges faced by cannabis industry professionals.

GMP Solutions products are now available for purchase and subscription through the website or an authorized dealer.

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