A Guernsey cannabis company says users of medicinal cannabis need a safe space to take the drug. Paul Smith, the founder of House of Green, said the company was in early talks with the State of Guernsey on the idea of opening a cannabis club.

He said any club in Guernsey would be a place for people prescribed the drug to meet, and cannabis would not be sold on the premises. Deputy Rob Prow, president of the Home Affairs Committee, said the proposal needed to be "considered extremely carefully."

Medicinal cannabis was legalized in Guernsey in 2020. More than 5,000 medical cannabis licenses have since been distributed, according to 2022 figures.

Deputy Prow said the "impact on health" needed to be considered. "What is often forgotten in these discussions, which is really commercially-led, is the question of the impact on health, and it mustn't be forgotten that cannabis is a Class B drug, and it's classified as that for very good reason," he said.

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