Another company has joined a lawsuit originally filed by Alabama Always against the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission—but this company is on the side of the commission.

Sustainable Alabama is one of the five companies that the commission announced at its June 12 meeting that would be awarded an integrated facility license, one of only five such licenses allowed under the 2019 legislation.

Montgomery Circuit Judge John Anderson issued a stay on the licensure process last month, reinforcing a stay the commission itself imposed upon finding “potential inconsistencies” in the scoring tabulations of its applicants.

Alabama Always argued that the commission’s authority to issue such a stay is unclear and needed legal reinforcement in the courts; the commission did not oppose the court enshrining what it had already done.

But Sustainable Alabama argues in a court filing that the company has already incurred significant costs, obligations, and liabilities since the commission announced the licenses, including a $50,000 fee paid the day after the announcement—and before the commission announced its stay.