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Cleaning trial at virus-filled greenhouses shows strength of new cleaning agent

Anyone who knows Ron Peters knows that he has been campaigning for hygiene in horticulture for years. The owner of the trial greenhouse in Klazienaveen, which now goes by the name Future Growing, was introduced to a new product a few years ago: Fersol.

It is a product from producer Ferr-Tech, which Ron uses to clean his greenhouses. Several growers have since imitated him in this. As a dealer of the product, he likes to make even more growers familiar with it.

New to horticulture
"I was pretty much in shock at the first introduction about how powerful it was and how little of the product you need for quite bizarre results." Fersol is an award-winning product with which much more experience has been gained in other sectors. In the chemical industry, in the dairy industry, and also for sewage treatment, people are already well acquainted with the oxidizing product. There, they use it for water purification.

"In horticulture, we don't use it for disinfecting water but for cleaning greenhouses," Ron points out. Not for water purification. "This is a completely different application policy." He stresses the importance of carefully following the instructions on the label.

ToBRFV research trial greenhouse by Ron Peters

Three years of experience
Ron also advises on the use of the contact agent for greenhouse cleaning himself. He can boast of three years of experience so far. "I have been using it to clean my greenhouses for three years. After proper cleaning, you are free of mildew, Mycosphaerella, and also viruses."

Ron has the authorization to carry out trials at his greenhouse in Klazienaveen for viruses, which other growers precisely hope not to get. He also uses the product to clean these greenhouses. Swab tests showed time and again that the greenhouse was virus-free after cleaning.

Archive image cleaning greenhouses

Contact effect
Important for good use of the remedy is contact action as well as following the instructions for use. "That means, as is actually the case when using any pesticide, cleaning your pump and pipes well after use, employees working with the pesticide wearing protective clothing and cleaning machines and equipment well immediately after cleaning."

Growers can apply the pesticide between two cucumber crops at a short rotation or during a longer rotation at the end of the year. "I see a wide range of applications. Empty the greenhouse, spray clean with Fersol, and plant a day later if you have to, it's just fantastic."

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