Owen Papworth and David Schwimmer started talking about opening a cannabis craft growing facility in Illinois even before the state legalized adult recreational use as of January 1, 2020.

The two hope to see that four-year endeavor come to completion next week and begin planting seeds at Oregonix Farms, 16520 Harmony Road, in unincorporated Huntley.

Still, the first packaged, dried cannabis flower from the indoor facility probably won't be ready to ship out to dispensaries until late November, said Papworth, Oregonix's chief operations officer.

When they do, "300 pounds a month of smokable flower is our goal," Papworth said. They aren't going to be the biggest growing operation in the state, said Schwimmer, the company's CEO. "We don't grow the most, we grow the best," he said.

On Friday, they opened the craft grow facility for a full tour. As no cannabis has been planted yet, visitors were able to see the entire operation.

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