The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) announces the Global Cannabis Intellectual Property Symposium 2023, the first-ever international gathering dedicated to the convergence of Intellectual Property (IP) law and the dynamic emerging cannabis industry. As the cannabis industry continues its rapid global expansion, safeguarding intellectual property rights is paramount. Taking place September 28-29 in Montreal, Canada, the Global Cannabis IP Symposium will unite esteemed experts, legal practitioners, and industry leaders for an unprecedented exploration of the unique intricacies and legal considerations specific to the cannabis sector.

Jason Horst, President of INCBA, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, stating, "The Global Cannabis IP Symposium is a landmark event that brings together top legal minds, industry professionals, and policymakers to drive innovation and elevate the discourse on intellectual property in the cannabis industry. We are thrilled to spearhead this initiative and provide a platform for critical discussions that will shape the future of IP law."

The Global Cannabis IP Symposium will include an array of engaging activities, including illuminating panel discussions featuring renowned IP experts, captivating presentations, and unparalleled networking opportunities to revolutionize how intellectual property is understood, protected, and leveraged within this burgeoning industry.

Global Cannabis IP Symposium highlights:

  • In-house counsel will discuss how to develop, grow, and manage an IP portfolio, strategies for handling litigation and other disputes, managing IP budgets, and other considerations of brand growth and protection.
  • Discussions about how various international treaties apply to cannabis, including a discussion on the UN single convention and its impact on cannabis.
  • Strategies for leveraging non-traditional IP, such as pursuing local registrations, crafting enforceable contract-based (license) protections, and leveraging criminal law to protect IP, will be explored.
  • Experts will consider global perspectives of strategies and challenges in protecting cannabis brands, including clearance searches, filing strategies, varying regulatory laws and requirements, varietal naming conventions, and legacy brand issues.
  • Patents will be explored, including an overview of patentable subject matter and the availability of patent protection, challenges unique to the cannabis industry, and insights into claim strategies.
  • A session on the intersection of cannabis IP and ethics will consider topics such as the unlicensed practice of law in cross-border expansion, potential conflicts of interest, the duty of candor to administrative bodies, and balancing zealous advocacy on behalf of clients with potentially competing interests of the industry.
  • Seasoned practitioners will share strategies and lessons for dispute resolution in a global context, such as potential remedies and awards and the availability of administrative proceedings.
  • Plant science experts will educate attendees about cannabis biology, chemistry, and cultivation to level up our understanding of the plant, which is the core of any cannabis-related intellectual property.
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits will be available for eligible participants.

Registration for the INCBA Global Cannabis IP Symposium is now open. To explore the conference program and speaker lineup and register, visit

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