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Cannabis automation company releases updated guide to GMP for cannabis processing

Mobius has taken a significant stride towards empowering the cannabis industry with their latest offering, the 2023 updated Guide to GMP-Certified Post-Harvest Processing. This comprehensive guide brings clarity and simplicity to the complex world of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as it relates to the cannabis industry and has been updated in several key areas for 2023.

Information and resources about GMP are hard to find and difficult to understand, especially in relation to cannabis processing and commercial equipment. GMP plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, quality, and consistency of products in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetic production. In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, adherence to GMP principles is becoming increasingly required and is further noted as a best practice among top cultivators in the industry.

"Mobius is committed to driving excellence in the cannabis industry through innovation and education," said Amanda James, Director of Strategy and Business Development. "We recognized the need for a comprehensive resource that brings together all the critical information about GMP as it relates to cannabis processing. With our expertise in both the cannabis industry and GMP workflows, we have created a user-friendly guide that streamlines the often daunting task of understanding and implementing GMP protocols."

A Guide to GMP-Certified Post-Harvest Processing equips cannabis companies with the necessary knowledge and tools to build compliant and consistent processing and cleaning procedures. As regulatory standards continue to evolve, businesses need to stay informed and adapt to the changing landscape to thrive in this competitive sector.

While the Mobius GMP Guide is not a new resource offered by the company, the document has been fully updated with the latest information and regulations surrounding GMP and cannabis. One of the newer additions to the guide is refreshed and updated cleaning recommendations as well as information for GMP procedures that applies to the expanded list of equipment that includes the full Mobius Automation Suite.

Key features of the guide include an in-depth explanation of GMP principles, how GMP applies specifically to cannabis processing, and the consequences of not following GMP; breakdown of GMP implementation (covering essential aspects of cultivation, extraction, production, and packaging); information about equipment, personnel, sanitation, and cleaning guidelines for post-harvest processing and best practices for quality control, documentation, and record-keeping to ensure traceability and accountability; preparation steps for getting operations GMP-ready including tips for training, facility maintenance, and sanitation protocols; additional resources and a sample audit form.

As advocates for responsible growth in the cannabis industry, Mobius believes that access to valuable resources like A Guide to GMP-Certified Post-Harvest Processing will foster a culture of compliance and elevate the overall standards in the market.

The guide is now available for download here.

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