Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody's office pumped up arguments against a proposed constitutional amendment that would authorize recreational use of cannabis, saying the measure "misleads" voters in a way to benefit the state's largest medical cannabis operator, Trulieve.

Tallahassee-based Trulieve has contributed all but a fraction of the nearly $40 million raised by the Smart & Safe Florida political committee for the proposed "Adult Use of Marijuana" initiative, which would go on the 2024 ballot.

The committee, which is sponsoring the proposal, has submitted more than the nearly 900,000 signatures required to go before voters next year, but faces a final hurdle — Florida Supreme Court approval of the proposed ballot wording.

Lawyers for Moody, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Drug Free America Foundation have filed briefs arguing the Supreme Court should reject the proposal. Smart & Safe Florida's attorneys last month called the state's arguments a "thinly veiled policy agenda."

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