The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Thursday voided its previously awarded licenses, awarded new licenses, and elected a new chairman. This comes after the process was halted in June because of “tabulation errors” with the scoring of applications.

After members of the commission privately nominated the businesses they wanted the whole commission to vote on, members publicly voted to award 24 businesses licenses. Many of the 24 businesses awarded Thursday were the same ones awarded in June, with licenses in the categories of Processor, Dispensary, and State Testing Lab all remaining the same.

Meanwhile, three new companies received cultivator licenses, bringing the total number to seven in the state. They are I AM FARMS, Greenway Botanicals, and CRC of Alabama.

At the start of the meeting, the commission also elected Rex Vaugh as its new chairman. He fills the spot of Steven Stokes, who resigned last week amid a lawsuit challenging his eligibility to serve on the commission because of his ties with the University of South Alabama.

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