The constitutionality of a Connecticut law legalizing cannabis was challenged last week by a group of Stamford residents who are suing city officials and asking a judge to stop the operation of cannabis businesses throughout the state.

The complaint, filed Wednesday in Superior Court, comes from the Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition and more than a dozen individual plaintiffs and is directed at Mayor Caroline Simmons and the city’s Zoning Board.

The group is seeking an injunction to bar the operation of cannabis businesses, both in Stamford and Connecticut as a whole, on the grounds that the state’s 2021 law legalizing the possession and commercial sale of the substance was pre-empted by the federal Controlled Substances Act.

“Under federal law, anyone involved in the growing, manufacturing, distribution or dispensing, or possession with intent to manufacture, grow, distribute or dispense marijuana is marijuana trafficking subject to federal prosecution under the federal Controlled Substances Act,” attorney David Herz wrote in the complaint.