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"The trials showed a substantial increase in production"

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, optimizing cultivation practices is paramount to achieving consistent quality and maximizing yields. Culta's commitment to innovation and its partnership with Grow Light Design (GLD) have led to a significant advancement in their cultivation operations. This article explores Culta's success story, highlighting the transformative effects of GLD's "Surround LED" lighting system over three consecutive trials.

The challenge: intercanopy lighting in controlled environment cultivation
According to GLD, traditional overhead lighting systems in controlled environment cultivation struggle to effectively reach the lower canopies of cannabis plants. This limited light distribution to the lower canopies hampers their growth potential and overall production. Grow Light Design (GLD) recognized this challenge and developed a solution: the patented "Surround LED" intercanopy lighting system.

Unlike traditional overhead lighting, GLD's Surround LED lighting system is specifically designed to operate in close proximity to the plants, even allowing physical contact without causing damage. This unique feature ensures that the plants receive the maximum amount of light possible without compromising their health or development.

By focusing on intercanopy lighting, GLD's system directly addresses the limited accessibility problem faced by cultivators. It effectively delivers light to the lower canopies, promoting balanced growth and maximizing the plant's overall potential.

Culta's partnership and methodical evaluation
According to GLD, Culta was an ideal partner for evaluating GLD's lighting system. Under the guidance of Jay Bouton, senior director of cultivation, Culta conducted three consecutive trials to thoroughly assess the impact of the Surround LED lighting system on their cultivation operations. The three-harvest cycle processes allowed Culta to evaluate factors such as plant spacing, water, and nutrient uptake and even track changes in plant height and production between strains in order to completely understand the overall impact of the lighting system.

Trial results: increased production and streamlined labor
Culta reported an average increase in production of 27% across the three trials, a significant achievement in the competitive cannabis market. This boost in yield can be attributed directly to the unique intercanopy lighting design that ensures optimal light penetration throughout the plant canopy.

Moreover, Culta's labor requirements saw a marginal increase of less than 10% during the trials. This minimal rise in labor can be attributed to a slight increase in labor during trimming and harvest as well as cleaning of the fixtures, which uniquely come in direct contact with the plants. GLD's focus on lighting the lower canopies of the plant made way for the Surround LED lighting system to have proprietary features, which eliminated the need for time-consuming adjustments and maneuvering typically associated with intercanopy lighting setups.

Key advantages

  1. Enhanced light distribution: The Surround LED lighting system delivers light directly to the side canopies of the cannabis plants, ensuring uniform light distribution throughout the entire plant canopy. This results in more balanced growth and improved overall plant health.
  2. Mitigation of photo-bleaching: By customizing direct light exposure in close proximity to the canopy, the Surround LED lighting system significantly reduces the risk of photo-bleaching. This enables cultivators to maintain the optimal balance of light intensity, preventing stress and improving the plant's ability to photosynthesize effectively.
  3. Improved accessibility: The Surround LED design simplifies cultivation tasks, allowing growers to access the plants without obstruction. This streamlines essential operations such as pruning, training, and pest control, reducing labor requirements and improving overall operational efficiency.

Culta's partnership with GLD and the implementation of the Surround LED lighting system have yielded great results. The three consecutive trials conducted by Culta showcased a substantial increase in production, accompanied by a minimal rise in labor requirements. The Surround LED lighting system's ability to address challenges such as photo-bleaching and obstructed access to plants has proven to be a game-changer in the cannabis cultivation industry.

As the cannabis market continues to expand, it is crucial for cultivators to adopt cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Culta's success story serves as a testament to the transformative potential of GLD's Surround LED lighting system, offering improved yields, streamlined labor, and enhanced cultivation practices. "With continuous advancements in cultivation technologies, the future of cannabis cultivation looks brighter than ever before."

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