Businesses around Virginia are beginning to face fines from state regulators who say the retailers are out of compliance with laws restricting the sales of certain hemp products.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services began conducting inspections last month to ensure retailers were adhering to recent legislation that aimed to end the sales of intoxicating hemp-derived products.

As of early August, at least seven businesses had received non-compliance letters, The Virginian-Pilot reported Saturday. Violations stemmed from both this year's legislation and a 2022 bill that prohibited the sale of THC products in shapes that might appeal to children or that mimic trademarked brands, according to the newspaper.

Among the stores facing a fine is Chesapeake Tobacco & Vape, which offered five edible hemp products that were not in compliance, according to a letter the department sent the shop on July 31. The letter said the business also failed to submit a mandatory disclosure form and did not have a required permit.