To help cannabis growers get the crops they have already grown out the door, the state is allowing pop-up events to happen across the state. They are called cannabis growers showcases, and there is one coming to Batavia.

Greenside Cannabis has been a family-owned business for three generations, and right now, they are getting ready for their first growers showcase in Batavia next week. It started as a family farm in the 1990s, then the focus moved to greenhouses with plants and flowers.

The cannabis business started last year. "We sold our first entire crop to Empire Cannabis, and they are our processor in Western New York. Now, our current crop, we harvested in February, so now we're on our third crop right now," said Alexis Heim, Greenside Cannabis COO.

With so few state-licensed stores open in Western New York, Heim is looking forward to the store Dank 716 being able to sell her cannabis at next week's growers showcase.