At Van Gog Nurseries, they are doing all they can to keep their greenhouses virus-free naturally. In a new video from the series 'Van Gogs Groene Reis naar een Duurzame Toekomst' (Van Gog's Green Journey to a Sustainable Future), growers dwell on UV-C tunnels for disinfecting harvest crates.

This is because the carts and crates in which the cucumbers are harvested can spread possible viruses. This is why they undergo thorough disinfection every time. This is done in special UV-C tunnels. After the cucumbers are unloaded on the sorting belt, the empty crates are stacked on a trolley via a fully automatic system. These carts follow a rail track that leads them through the UV-C tunnel. There, the carts and harvest crates are shone with the ultraviolet light. In this way, they are fully disinfected in a quick and effective way before being driven back into the greenhouse.

Earlier on this channel, Brian Leenders of Van Gog explained more about the background for choosing UV-C.

Previous videos included scouting, UV-C treatment by a robot, and greenhouse meshing.

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