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Allied Corp announces commercial team expansion to accelerate global sales

Allied Corp. announced a significant expansion of its commercial team, marking a crucial step forward in the company's mission. Allied Corp is dedicated to advancing the presence of its Colombian-grown cannabis in the international sphere.

To support this vision and expand their reach, the company has made strategic additions to its commercial team, including:

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)
Michael Moses, an entrepreneur with executional expertise in go-to-market, business strategy, and partnership building, has been appointed as the new CBDO of Allied Corp. With experience in working with engineering, investment, and risk management firms from across three continents, Moses brings a strong understanding of the business needs relating to taking products to market. His expertise, along with his network in the Cannabis industry, will be instrumental in identifying new opportunities and driving growth for the company.

Vice President of Global Sales
Allied Corp is also pleased to welcome Juba Hadid as the Global VP of Sales. Hadid has a decade of experience in leading successful sales teams across multiple regions, having lived in six different countries himself. His successes at Gartner while working in supply chain with big pharma companies such as Pfizer, Amgen, and Sanofi make him favored for this new chapter. With a focus on expanding Allied Corp's footprint in international markets, Hadid will play a pivotal role in building durable relationships with strategic partners, clients, and diverse channels, thus growing Allied Corp's commercial footprint.

Contracted a Cannabis Sales and Go-To-Market Consulting Group
Allied Corp has engaged a highly specialized medical cannabis sales company. The company boasts an in-depth understanding of cannabis supply chains, regulatory frameworks, and an extensive B2B sales network in several international markets. This strategic collaboration is set to equip and guide Allied Corp's sales efforts while validating and extending its go-to-market strategy for an appropriate targeted approach.

This expansion of the commercial efforts reflects Allied Corp's commitment to achieving sustainable growth and delivering top-quality cannabis products and solutions to customers worldwide.

Allied Corp is excited about the opportunities this expansion brings and is confident that the combined expertise of the new team members and strategic partnerships will help the company reach new heights in the global cannabis market.

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