There are 100 more budding cannabis businesses getting ready to open in Connecticut, while simultaneously, the limits on how much cannabis a person can legally buy in a single transaction may also soon increase. Recreational customers at Connecticut's legal dispensaries are now limited to purchasing no more than one-quarter ounce of cannabis plant material, called flower, or the equivalent at any one time. Medical cannabis patients may purchase 5 ounces in a month.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Bryan Cafferelli said Friday that the recreational limit might soon increase, though he did not say by how much or when. "We're reviewing that to determine if there's going to be an increase and to what amount," Cafferelli said at a Friday meeting of the Medical Marijuana Program Board of Physicians. "Medical sales remain capped at 5 ounces per month."

DCP spokesperson Kaitlyn Krasselt said: "The agency is continually reviewing the available supply and market demand of both markets to determine if it would be appropriate to increase the adult-use transaction limits," but declined to give specifics until that review is complete.

"Additional details will be shared when it is determined it would be appropriate to raise the transaction limit and we are able to make an announcement," she added.