Updated legislation centered on enforcement of rules and regulations for cannabis growers and distributors is creating financial hardship for many businesses, and failure to follow the new law to the letter is leading to arrests. A consultant for cannabis business owners, Heather Strickland of Cannacomply Consulting LLC, said the rules and regulations have been part of the statutory for a while.

“Now, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is requiring operators to prove what should have been on record when a business applied for a license,” Strickland said. OMMA did not require business formation documents up until it came time for renewal of a license by a company, Strickland said.

“With OMMA’s 2023 legislation, OMMA and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs have the ability to enforce those rules,” Strickland. Strickland is aware of several reports of individuals being arrested for failing to follow every rule. Several organizations have had arrests due to tags not being attached at the time of an inspection.

“For example, when plants are cut for cloning, there is no specific time in the rules that a tag must be attached – just when the plant can sustain the weight,” Strickland said. In one case, Strickland said, the tags were in the room with the plants but were not attached, and two people were arrested.

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